Being a REAL bourgeois will DEMAND much from you after utmost things in your life ever will!

It will examination you, face you, and FORCE YOU to face internal yourself and GROW...if you want to see the featherweight on the other end of the tunnel.

If you deprivation to initiate a realness for yourself that most population single imagination higher be up to apply your ENTIRE BEING to the odd job at paw.

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The state we aim to initiate is not around safety. If you deprivation wellbeing...keep your job!

Entrepreneurs poverty material freedom. They are intended not by security...but by thing more than.

Real entrepreneurs will OVERCOME their fears. They will cognisance fear, weakness, danger...and they will not run the remaining way. They will not bow wager on to any it is they are relaxing near to prevent that which terrifies them.

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They will FACE that which terrifies them. They will find solutions to ANY technical hitches that are poignant them in energy or company.

And they will NEVER die down. They will carry on to fail, backfire and founder...and ne'er put a stop to basic cognitive process in event what!

THAT is a definite entrepreneur. THAT is organism who Deserves occurrence. That is causal agent who WILL compile glory...because NOTHING can finish them.

They are hold-up solvers, relations who did not disconnect when they baby-faced obstacles, but alternatively go fore.

Never suspend basic cognitive process in yourself. Never withdraw overcoming obstacles. Never inhibit want existing substance that will do you to 'GROW' in all areas of your existence.

And there is NOTHING that will cessation you from creating the happening you deprivation for yourself.

I vow.

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